Getting Started


Ok, so you just installed (or upgraded to) the latest version of NivoCart!

Before you begin working on your store content, you should check a couple of things.

FIRST: User Permissions.
Here you want to make sure you have full access to all the Administration pages.
See the Documentation article "Understanding Permissions" if you are unsure on how to do this.

Go to: System > Users > User Groups
Find "Top Administrator" and click the Edit button.
Select ALL "Access Permissions"
Select ALL " Modify Permissions"
... then Save.

SECOND: Global Store Settings.
Here you want to make sure all your store parameters are setup correctly.

Go to: System > Settings
Find the "Default" store and click the Edit button.
Check all the fields and adjust accordingly to suit your requirements.
... then Save.

Now you are ready to start working!

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