Understanding Permissions

SCOPE: Administration side

NivoCart has a multi-user administration.

1 - Cooperation:
You can share your Administration with other users, co-workers, team members or temporary contractors.
By setting-up the right user groups and adding the right users to those user groups you can manage your store(s) more efficiently.
It is also very useful if you wish to give access to a third party developer (for support or development), allowing him/her to see only pages relevant to his/her task.

2 - Security:
The right permissions will add an extra level of security because you can limit access to most of your sensitive information, such as your company's financial statistics or your PayPal account details!
All the administration pages and content can be limited according to each user group sets of privileges.

There are 2 types of permissions: ACCESS and MODIFY.
ACCESS permissions will allow users to view the page, but won't be able to modify it.
MODIFY permissions will allow users to modify the page (edit, insert, delete, save) but they must also have ACCESS to view it to do so.

Go to "System > Users > User Groups".
The options are: EDIT existing user group, or INSERT a new user group.
If you wish to DELETE an existing user group, you must first relocate the users attached to that user group to another user group. If the user group contains users you will not be able to delete it.
Note: the "Top Administrator" user group cannot be deleted, for obvious reasons.

Go to "System > Users > Users".
The options are: EDIT existing user, or INSERT a new user.
If you wish to DELETE an existing user, you can.
All users must be associated with 1 user group.

ACCESS and MODIFY permissions to the "User Groups" page can be removed for ANY user group!
Make sure that at least 1 user group has access to it, otherwise you will not be able to manage users and user groups.

When you install a new extension (theme, module, payment, shipping, ...), it will not be accessible at first. This is because the Access and Modify permissions for each user group have not been set yet.
You must then go to "System > Users > User Groups" and update all your User Groups as required.

The administration menu will always display All the links to your pages but access will not be granted if the user is not allowed to see those pages.

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