Can I publish my extensions in the Marketplace?

Yes, the Marketplace is open to all!

To start publishing your extensions, you must register a "Buyer" account first, then open a "Seller" account using a valid PayPal™ email address. A PayPal™ email address is required in order to get your earnings paid every months.

You must adhere to the strict publishing Rules, as follow:

- Extensions must be designed exclusively for NivoCart Shopping Cart, for any versions, and must be your own original work.
- Files must be Zip or Rar archives, less than 5 Mb in size, and must include release notes with installation instructions (readme.txt).
- Files must be in English (default) as a minimum. Other translations are highly encouraged as long as the English language files are present.
- Files must be uploaded using the tool provided in your Seller account, with commercial extensions priced at $10 minimum, and including free support.
- Files should follow the NivoCart Coding Standards and be virus free.

Extensions that do not comply with the above rules will be removed without warning.

Should I sell my extension or offer it for free?

As you have both options, to sell your work for profit or share it free of charge, the decision is yours.

Providing a free extension will give you maximum customer usage base. This can be useful to make your work and yourself known initially. Buyers will then have more confidence in purchasing your commercial extensions later.

Customer support is not strictly required for free extensions but still highly suggested.

How much do I earn when I sell an extension?

You get 80% of the selling price of each extension.

For example, if your extension price is $10.00 and this extension gets sold 20 times for the month, your net earnings for that month will be $160.00.

All sales are being recorded and will be accessible for you to track through your Seller account. At the beginning of every month your current total will be paid in full via PayPal™ and your sale total will be reset to zero.

The 20% we collect is going towards the cost of supporting the marketplace safety and functionality.

How much money can I make?

Basically, there are no limits!

The total amount of money you can earn on the Marketplace depends on many variables, such as originality, code quality, usefulness, popularity and of course price of your extension(s). Selling on the Marketplace can quickly become a full-time job with great rewards for your hard work.

When and how do I get paid?

All payments will be issued before or on day 3 of each month.

All current totals will be reset to zero in your account once the payment in full as been processed.

All payments will be made using the PayPal™ email address you provided to us when you upgraded your "Buyer" account to a "Seller" account. We will only process monthly payment using our verified PayPal™ account.

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct email address to guarantee that the payment is successful. We will not pay via any other method of payment, under any circumstances.

Who owns the extension I developed?

You are the only owner of the work created by you.

It is your responsibility to maintain legal ownership and licensing of your work.
It is also your responsibility to keep your work free from any copyright or third party licensing violations.

You have complete control over your work through your "Seller" account. You can Add, Edit, Update or Remove any one of your extensions at any time.

We will never interfere with your work unless one or more of your extensions are in breach of our publishing rules.

Do I need to offer support with my work?

Yes. We are commited in providing NivoCart users with quality extensions.

You are required to provide extensions free from defects and with the appropriate documentation, including installation guidelines. Depending on your extension type, you should be available to help your customers resolve potential issues they might encounter with your extension.

We recommend you add a message about support in every one of your extension detail pages, and be very clear on how customers can contact you for help.

Remember, the lack of support and too many customer complaints will be considered as a breach of our Publishing Rules and can cause extension or even "seller" rights suspension!

How can I get help for extension development or support?

You can use all our resources to get help with development and concepts.

We provide a community Forum to cover almost any question about NivoCart.
You can also browse through the entire NivoCart code on our Github repository page.
For a selection of useful developer tools for Windows or Mac, you can check our Essential Tools list.

Finally, you can contact us directly using our Contact Us form.

How do I publish an upgraded extension?

Because you have total control of your work, the choice is yours.

Basically you have two options:
1 - You can Edit a previously published extension at anytime. That's cool if it is only a minor change or bug fix.
2 - You can Add a new revision and update the documentation to explain the reason for it. This is the preferable solution if there are some major changes in your code.

The most common practice is to publish an updated version of an extension, for each new release of the application.

Which ever way you choose, please keep in mind that it is in your interest to make any change very clear to past and present customers, so you can keep your support in tune with the changes.

I want to create an extension. where do I start?

For your first extension, our advice is to practice with a simple default module, like the "information" module.

Most modules are using the standard architecture for both "Admin" (backend) and "Catalog" (frontend):
- Admin structure: Controller (.php file), Language (.php file), Template (.tpl file);
- Catalog structure: Controller (.php file), Language (.php file), Template (.tpl file);

This 6 files represent the most basic structure to display something in the frontend. As long as those files are in the correct folders and are correctly named, you will get your new extension working in no time.

It goes without saying that some notions of PHP and Html are required to understand what the code actually does, but if you are here that means you probably already know that.

Where to find ideas for a new extension?

The best place to look is in the Forum.

Make yourself known in the Forum and try to find out what other users have been wishing for.

You can, of course, check in the Marketplace for already existing opensource extensions you think you can improve on.

How to apply to become a Partner?

We welcome any serious application for partnership.

What you need: You must be registered as a member and preferably you should be a "Seller" too. This ensures that you are already familiar with the software and will effectively be able to help others. Being a member of the Forum is also highly recommended.

What you get: Your partner details will be displayed on the portal and accessible through your Member's account. Visitors interested by the services you can provide will be able to contact you directly with their project.

You can apply directly by completing the form available on the Partners page or on the Contact Us form. Subject to conditions.

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